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Michael HeadshotMichael Chan, a life-long philanthropist and community leader, started serving his community at the age of 14 with the Legion of Mary in high school.   He left his 25 year career in the Silicon Valley high-tech industry to focus on his life-long passion of helping people who are barely surviving.   With his engineering mindset, it was a natural for Michael to seek solutions to better serve both the local and global communities.  His passion to help others has guided his path as an advocate to raise funds for organizations that are small in size but big in impact; as well as founding the Lions of Life Campaign to help save children and women around the world.

Michael came to the U.S. in 1963 from Hong Kong as a foreign student and has a BA in Chemistry with minor in Microbiology.   He has two sons, a daughter and three grand children.  Michael’s passion is to help others and working extensive hours as a Lion.  His hobbies are Internet, gmail, movies, travel, singing, dining, and cell phoning.

Professional Career:

Michael is a pioneer in the Semiconductor Processing Engineering/Management field since 1967 in Pre-Silicon Valley Days.   He worked in the high tech IC manufacturing industry for over 25 years; including Raytheon Semicondor, Texas Instrument, Fairchild Semiconductor, and joint AMD in 1972.   He retired after 18 years  from the chip business in 1991 with many processing, design and equipment inventions.  He was in the books of Who’s Who of Inventors and Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs.   He have helped many startup companies, like Tencor/KLA  to become multi-million dollar companies.

  • Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow
  • Lion of the Year
  • International Lions Excellence Award
  • District & Multiple District Awards
  • Helen Keller Fellow of Lions Eye Foundation
    • Founder of Legacy Through Giving Foundation
    • Founder of MM Foundation
    • Founder of Lion of Life Campaign
    • LiveLeaf BioScience, Goodwill Ambassador
    • San Mateo Lions Club, Membership Director
    • President of San Mateo Lions Club 2011-2012
    • Executive Producer, San Francisco Chinatown Lions Club Miss Teen Scholarship/Charity Dinner Gala
    • Executive Producer of 2008 & 2010 “Giving Through Fashion Gala” To Benefit 22 NPOs.
    • N. America Hon. Ambassador for the China Disabled People’s Performing Arts Troupe
    • Committee Chair,  Lions Club Youth Leadership Outreach Symposium
    • Founder, H.K. Schools Alumni Assoc.
    • Founder, South Bay Chinese Tennis Club
    • “Grand Father”, Self Help for the Elderly
    • Advisory Board Member, Chinese Historical and Cultural Project
    • Board Member, Association of Chinese Families for the Disabled