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About Us

In 2008, Michael Chan and Macy Mak  founded the Legacy Through Giving Foundation. The founders saw ‘small in size but big in impact’ foundations were struggling with allocating resources and staffing between delivering services and raising fund. Decrease in grants and government funding, loss of volunteers and staff as well as shrinking donations were all part of the financial issues they faced. Coupled with fewer corporate sponsors and lower attendance to fundraising events, these foundations had their share of money woes. As such, Legacy Through Giving was founded with the initial goal to empower and support other non-profit organizations (501 c3) with their fundraising efforts.

In 2010, the Founders visited Kathmandu to complete the twinning of the San Mateo Lions Club with Kathmandu Gliese Lions Club and met with Lion Sunit Shrestha who later brought to their attention the dire need of a program to help save the children of Nepal from dying of diarrheal dehydration.   With the product called LifeDrops, the Founders started the Lions of Life Campaign whose goals are to save children and women around the world.

athmandu Gliese Lions Club

Executive Board

Volunteer Officers/Advisory Board

    • George Chan, Internet Marketing Director
    • Jennifer Lee, Web  & Public Relations Director
    • Dr. Enoch Choi, Medical Director
    • Dr. Arthur Dover, Advisor for  LifeDrops
    • Alex Huang, Advisor for LifeDrops
    • Gin Wu, Advisor for LifeDrops
    • Chloe Chan, Advisor for Finance
    • Fiona Ma, California Assemblywoman
    • Ken Purfey, Advisor for Breast Cancer Self Examination Project
    • David Kim, Director of Asian Affairs
    • Margaret Baggerly, Marketing & Fundraising Advisor
    • Sunit Shrestha, Director of Nepalese Affair
    • Kitman Chan, CPA