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Fundraising Support for Non-Profit Organizations

Giving Through Fashion FlyerIn 2008, Legacy Through Giving was founded with a single mission of empowering ‘small in size but big in impact’ non-profit organization to raise funds for their cause without the financial liability on its Board Members. Legacy Through Giving founders and team of experienced supporters were committed to creating cost-effective and well-organized fundraising venues for these small charitable organizations. Most importantly, the financial responsibilities for the event was  covered by Legacy Through Giving and its founders.

Two milestone events appropriately named “Giving Through Fashion Gala”, took place at Hyatt Regency, San Francisco Bay Area in 2008  (PDF, Photographs) and 2010 (PDF, Photographs).  Events were offered to 22 small to medium-size Northern California community non-profit organizations.

Legacy Through Giving will continue to provide  assistance to selected non-profit organizations to raise funds for their missions when the opportunity arises and  its resources feasible.

Fundraising Programs

  • Wine Program:  Legacy Through Giving went through a rigorous application and screening process with the Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) to obtain the coveted license required to offer this program.  The wine program was created to assist non-profit organizations with their fundraising efforts.  Contact us on all the different ways wines will enhance your fundraising and appreciation programs.
  • Real Estate Referral Fee Program:  Image any real estate buyer or seller can donate and support Legacy Through Giving and any non-profit organizations without spending any money.  This generous program can be a very effective fundraising channel to raise funds and support the Foundation and Non-Profits.  Donations can be made through the collaboration of the buyer, seller, realtor and this program.  This is a pilot beta program being tested and launched in California by Legacy Through Giving supporters.  For more details, contact us.
    Note: Due to the real estate laws of different states, it is highly recommended prior to utilizing this fundraising channel to support your non-profit or Legacy Through Giving that you first consult with your own legal advisor and CPA.
  • Events & Galas: Leverage your development programs by working with Legacy Through Giving and other non-profits to produce a cooperative event that is more than the sum of its parts.