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What is the difference between LifeDrops, LiveLeaf-LifeDrops and LiveLeaf?

  • LifeDrops is a program focused on enhancing health and nutrition of children in the developing world.
  • LiveLeaf – LifeDrops is the product specifically designed to safely and effectively address acute diarrhea in children under-five living in the developing world.
  • LiveLeaf is the company responsible for the research, development and manufacturing of LiveLeaf-LifeDrops.

What is the relationship between Lions of Life and LifeDrops, and LTG Foundation?

  • Lion of Life is a humanitarian program of the Legacy Through Giving Foundation.  This is LOL’s current main program which is to help save 4000 children dying of diarrheal dehydration in a single day around the world for only $1 A Life with the use of LifeDrops produced by LiveLeaf.
  • Under the LOL Campaign, LTG Foundation has entered into a humanitarian agreement with the founders of LiveLeaf BioScience to purchase LifeDrops at $1 per rescue dose for LTG and all participating NPOs.

Can I get free samples of LifeDrops for my NPO?

  • Yes, LTG will donate LifeDrops samples to selected NPOs, subject to funding and other factors.
  • Yes, currently LTG is taking application from any NPOs with missions going overseas.
  • Lion of Life also support missionaries on their humanitarian missions around the world by providing LifeDrops to protect them from intestinal problems.

Can I get large quantities of LifeDrops to be used on my missions?

  • Yes, LTG will donate LifeDrops samples to selected NPOs, subject to funding and other factors.
  • It will depends on many factors and please email us.
  • LTG encourage NPOs with such needs to raise funds and join our Lions of Life Campaign.

Why should we incorporate LifeDrops into our child health and nutrition programming?

  • There is currently a gap between the recommended standard of care for the management of acute diarrhea and the actual behavior of caregivers in the developing world. Oral rehydration salts (ORS) and zinc have proven to reduce diarrhea-related mortality. Yet, despite the awareness and affordability of these products, parents continue to seek out antibiotics, Imodium, or other, potentially harmful, drugs to treat their children. When their child is sick, parents prioritize stopping the diarrhea as quickly as possible over safety.  LiveLeaf-LifeDrops is specifically formulated to provide parents and doctors with a truly safe and effective option.

How can I partner with Lion of Life and Legacy Through Giving Foundation?

Are LiveLeaf-LifeDrops approved by the FDA?

  • LiveLeaf products are fully compliant with FDA regulations and guidelines for dietary supplements in the United States. The FDA does not formally “approve” such products. LiveLeaf LifeDrops are used outside the US and is subject to the regulatory requirements of these countries, not the FDA. Please contact LiveLeaf for more information regarding regulatory status in program countries or issues related to importation of the product.

Is LIveLeaf-LifeDrops available for sale in the United States?

  • LiveLeaf LifeDrops is not intended for distribution in the United States; however, it is available for direct purchase by international agencies, nonprofits, companies and governments for use in programs outside the United States. Please contact LiveLeaf for more information regarding regulatory status and product importation into foreign countries.
  • For personal use, LiveLeaf has several consumer products available for sale in the US. Visit the LiveLeaf website for more information.

Are your products safe for children?

  • Yes, LiveLeaf LifeDrops is safe for children. The product is derived from pomegranate and green tea using a patented process. Additionally, LiveLeaf conducts closely-monitored safety and efficacy evaluations of LiveLeaf LifeDrops, most recently concluding an adverse event monitoring trial with the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b). During the trial, infants as young as six months old received LiveLeaf LifeDrops twice daily over the course of four days with no adverse events reported.*

How do I know your products work?

  • Over the past 5 years, and before launching our products commercially, we tested our technology and ingredients with the help of physicians and hundreds of fully informed volunteers. These placebo controlled studies were held to the highest standards available in the environments in which they were conducted, and all have confirmed the high efficacy of our patented ingredients. In a recent study performed in Nicaragua of pediatric patients with acute diarrhea from unknown causes, children were found to have resolved their symptoms in an average of 3 hours.

How is LiveLeaf-LifeDrops different from herbal medicines?

  • Even though all LiveLeaf products are manufactured from compounds found in plants, they are radically different from herbal medicines. LiveLeaf’s patented technology creates stable bioactive polyphenols, the foundation of living plant immunity. Herbal supplements generally contain dried, depleted (dead) ingredients that typically only provide passive antioxidant functions.

How is LiveLeaf-LifeDrops different from antibiotics?

  • LiveLeaf LifeDrops is not a drug, it is a nature-based technology that mimics the wound response in living plant cells. Antibiotics wipe out good gut bacteria as well as bad, leaving the user susceptible to immediate reinfection and recurrence. Antibiotics are also ineffective at treating viral sources of acute diarrhea such as rotavirus, the most common source of diarrhea in children in the developing world. As such, they are only recommended by the WHO for use in a small percentage (<5%) of cases. LiveLeaf LifeDrops can reduce the abuse of ineffective treatments by offering safe ways to augment the body’s innate immune fuctions.

How is LiveLeaf-LifeDrops different from Imodium or Pepto-Bismol?

  • Imodium and Pepto-Bismol are two of the most popular over-the-counter drugs that many people use when facing minor digestive symptoms, such as occasional diarrhea. Drugs like Imodium or Lomotil are powerful opiates, essentially stopping the muscle activity of your intestines and potentialy trapping bad bacteria and toxins in your gut while they continue to multiply with dangerous even fatal consequences. They contain controlled substances, have strong warnings, and can interfere with other common drugs. Drugs like Pepto-Bismol heavily coat your insides and can induce serious constipation. Neither are safe for use in children. By comparison, LiveLeaf products naturally help the body resist microbial attack, netralize toxins and return the immune balance of the digestive system back to normal as fast as possible.

Is LifeDrops seeking to replace the current standard of care?

  • No. LifeDrops is seeking to supplement the current standard of care—Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) and zinc—by offering safe and rapid experiential relief for occasional diarrhea sufferers, especially children. All of LifeDrops clinical work has been pursued alongside ORT and zinc as mandated by the WHO or as regulated by the Ethics Review Board of the participating study hospital.

Is LiveLeaf-LifeDrops a cost-effective addition to health and nutrition programs?

  • LiveLeaf is in the process of researching cost-effectiveness as an adjunct to its current pilot programs. For more information on our ongoing work in this area, please contact Ian Matthews at info@lifedropsinternational.com.