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Legacy Through Giving Programs

In 2010, monsoon season took Nepal by a storm.  Children were dying from diarrhea dehydration throughout the country with inadequate relief and support from the Nepal Government.  This bleak and serious health issue prompted then president Lion Sunit Shrestha  of Kathmandu Gliese Lions Club (sister club of San Mateo Lions Club in California) asking the Legacy Through Giving founders also Lions Club members, What can he do to save these children from this devastating illness?  Ironically, as fate would have it LiveLeaf BioScience had a major break through with their bio plant technology at this time. They have invented a herbal digestive supplement that help to stop the digestive system from diarrhea.  This humanitarian mission gave way to the birth to the first of many Legacy Through Giving Programs.


  • Diarrhea Dehydration:   Legacy Through Giving with their Giving Angels help save children from dying of diarrhea dehydration by providing  LifeDrops.  This herbal digestive supplement is not limited to children; we also provide LifeDrops to our Giving Angels traveling to areas where clean water is not available.
  • Breast Cancer Screening:  Legacy Through Giving will partner with IDS make breast exam possible for all the women around the world.   Using a state-of-the-art ultrasound technology linked to a smartphone, women can detect breast cancer in its early stage.  This innovative product will be available  in 2015.
  • Veterans:  Legacy Through Giving partners with other Lions Clubs to collect clothes for homeless veterans. Currently, Lions of Life is in the process of setting up a mailing address to assist the homeless veterans.

Non-Profit Support Programs

Legacy Through Giving was founded with a single mission of empowering ‘small in size but big in impact’ non-profit organization to raise funds for their causes.

  • Wine Program:  A program specifically created to assist non-profit organizations with their fundraising efforts and donor appreciation programs.
  • Fundraising Events:  Legacy Through Giving with its two founders and team of experienced supporters continues to be committed to providing cost-effective and well-organized fundraising events for Non-Profits.  Any up-front production cost will be covered by the Foundation.
  • Real Estate Program:   A year round program whereby non-profit organizations can raise donations.  It’s a simple process – the real estate buyer or seller can make a donation to his charity by including a clause in the sales agreement.