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In 2008, Michael Chan and Macy Mak founded the Legacy Through Giving Foundation. The founders saw ‘small in size but big in impact’ foundations were struggling with allocating resources and staffing between delivering services and raising fund. Decrease in grants and government funding, loss of volunteers and staff as well as shrinking donations were all part of the financial issues they faced. Coupled with fewer corporate sponsors and lower attendance to fundraising events, these foundations had their share of money woes. As such, Legacy Through Giving was founded with the initial goal to empower and support other non-profit organizations (501 c3) with their fundraising efforts.
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Testimonials from Volunteers, Supporters and Partners
  • Tony DeLoney
    Marcus Millichap

    I had the pleasure of working on a real estate transaction with Macy, Benjamin and Richard in California. My clients approached me with the idea of allowing me to represent them under the condition that a portion of my real estate fee go to Legacy Through Giving Foundation. This was a new concept to me, so I explored the foundation and am happy to say that I am proud to have had the chance to support Legacy Through Giving Foundation and its life saving programs. To streamline the process, a donation was taken directly out of escrow to this cause. I think that this is a clever and efficient way of raising money for a worthy cause, and I am happy to be counted among those who have participated. I look forward to a continued relationship with these individuals and donating more in the future.”

  • Rose Chung
    Founder of Asian American Beauty Pageant
    The LTG Giving Through Fashion Gala provided us with  an unique opportunity to collaborate with multiple organizations to be involved in an extraordinary event to raise funds for good causes and to showcase Monique Zhang’s and many other talented designers’ elegant clothing and jewelry designs. Thanks to LTG for leading this awesome event and making new friends.


  • Dr. Dover
    Aptos Travel Clinic and Tahoe Travel Clinic

    As a pediatrician, I have provided LifeDrops to many infants with infectious diarrhea and, as a travel medicine specialist, to travelers to the developing world. Most have improved very promptly, without any adverse reactions. One described it as “a miracle”.